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Votre service de plaquettes personnalisées made in Belgium

Quel que soit votre besoin de plaquette gravée personnalisable, Nous sommes à votre disposition pour répondre à votre besoin

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Us time limit of manufacture are very short, one day after the confirmation of the payment.


The delivery of our products is provided by BPost or against signature by Mondial Relay, within 2-4 working days.

Production locale

Notre production est complètement locale, grâce à notre atelier situé dans le centre de Bruxelles

Our materials:

Plaque boîte aux lettres


Plastic exists for interior signage and exterior signage.

Outdoors it is called Textured and is ideal for signage and technical signage.

Plaque boîte aux lettres


Its lightness, its resistance to corrosion, its varied shaping and its durable coloring make it an important material and widely used in industry and crafts, despite the technicality of its implementation.

Plaque boîte aux lettres


Brass is the most widely used copper alloy.

It is one of the main alloys used by the bar turning industry (manufacture of small turned parts in very large series). 

Our Borders

Plaque boîte aux lettres


No specific modification made to the contours of the insert. The edges of the plates are salient, cut at right angles.

The bevel

Technique of craftsmanship which consists in modifying the contours of the plate so that they are cut obliquely rather than at right angles

Nos fixations

Plaque boîte aux lettres

L'autocollant double face

La fixation se fait à l'aide d'un autcollant double face que nous appliquons sur l'arrière de la plaquette.

Vous n'avez plus qu'à la poser là où vous le souhaitez.

Trous simples

Fixing is done using the holes that we drill in the plate and you just have to add screws.

2 or 4 holes available depending on the type of pads

Trous chanfreinés

The fixing is done using chamfered holes which allow the screw to marry the hole and not to protrude.

2 or 4 holes available depending on the type of pads